High Reach Cleaning Kit – Improvements

High Reach Cleaning Kit – Improvements

$73.36 (as of October 4, 2018, 7:32 am)

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High-Reach Cleaning Kit includes what you need to get the job done. Strong steel pole is easy to lift and move to access corners and ceilings. With this High-Reach Cleaning Kit, you won’t have to climb ladders and risk falling. Clean efficiently, safely, and affordably with this High Reach Cleaning Kit: it includes 8 easy-to-use tools plus a telescoping pole. Think of the storage space you’ll save with this High Reach Cleaning Kit that uses the same extendable handle for all the included cleaning tools. The four-section, telescoping steel pole fastens to any of the interchangeable heads to create eight versatile cleaning tools: 16″ duster, cobweb duster, long bendable duster, squeege/sponge with sponge cover, microfiber flat duster, ceiling fan duster, standard bulb changer, and floodlight-bulb changer. (Click on “Additional Views” at left to see all the different tools you can create with the High-Reach Cleaning Kit!) The pole extends from 3’5″ to an impressive 10’ long, allowing you to access even the highest reaches of your home. Use just one or two sections of the pole for ground-level cleaning. The High Reach Cleaning Kit will make it easy to keep your whole home sparkling clean, while you stand safely on the floor! The long-lasting cleaning tools attach easily to the pole for high-reach cleaning, but can be used for ground-level cleaning, too. Covering just about every cleaning chore we can think of, this High-Reach Cleaning Kit offers exceptional versatility at one low price. Benefits of the High-Reach Cleaning Kit: