CoverMates Adjustable Ornament Storage Box

CoverMates Adjustable Ornament Storage Box Price: $64.99 (as of 03/10/2018 23:08 PST- Details)


Storing Christmas ornaments can be a pain. You can keep them all in their original boxes, but then you’ve got to take each one out individually. You can toss them all in a cardboard box, but then you take the chance of them getting scratched or broken. That’s why we recommend our CoverMates Christmas Ornament Adjustable Storage Box. It’ll hold all your ornaments, it can be stored almost anywhere, and it’ll always keep them safe when they’re not on the tree.

Made with heavy duty 600D polyester, these boxes come with trays that you can easily pull out and carry to your tree when it’s time to decorate. We don’t use any cardboard – the dividers are made of protective foam, which retains its shape over time and keeps each ornament safely in its place. And the dividers are adjustable, so you can get those extra-large or oddly shaped ornaments to fit without a problem. Carrying handles with reinforced webbing make transport easy and the smart design lets you stack boxes on top of each other, so you can have all your ornaments in one spot.

We know how much meaning ornaments can have, and with the CoverMates Christmas Ornament Adjustable Storage Box, you’ll know that yours will always be safely stored when not in use. If you’re still using plastic containers or cardboard boxes, give one of these a try. You’ll be glad you did!